Job title: Senior Software Engineer
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Salary: Negotiable
Location: New York, United States
Job published: 2021-11-15
Job ID: 42416

Job Description

Our client is searching for an experienced Senior Software Engineer to join their team in New York. The successful candidate will have an incredible opportunity to hone their skills in a wide range of areas: C++ written to the latest standards, distributed systems, OS internals, CPU architecture, and networking hardware and protocols.



  • Excellent design, debugging and problem solving skills
  • Expertise in leadership of projects and/or teams
  • Knowledge of UNIX operating systems, system/processor performance, and network communication
  • C++ experience is required, daily use (of most recent standards) preferred



  • 5+ years of experience
  • You are capable of working independently, as part of a team, or leading a team
  • You can analyze and fix problems quickly
  • Can look at code, figure out how it works, and how to make it better
  • Can describe software designs at a high level (the abstract interface), low level (step-by-step algorithm), or anywhere in between
  • You really like to work with people who challenge you and make you better at what you do​



  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field


If you would like to be considered for the position of Senior Software Engineer or wish to discuss this role in more detail,  click on the ‘I’m Interested’ button at the top of this page to leave your details. Your resume will be held in confidence until you connect with a member of our team


Email: or call London (0207 604 4444,) New York (212 400 4845) or Chicago (312 204 7216) to speak to a member of our team.